Better quality of life for 7-year-old Taylor with Cerebral Palsy

Taylor Miller, 7, from Castlewood in Coventry, who lives with Cerebral Palsy (CP), uses an R82 X:Panda chair.

The family are delighted with the new chair as Laura explains: “Taylor’s muscle tone fluctuates and he cannot sit unaided at all, so requires adult support if playing on the floor for instance. The X:Panda benefits by providing necessary support and is adapted easily to match his growth– meaning we can keep using the seat for longer. After using the X:Panda for some time, Taylor now has better control over his core stability. His breathing has improved and he has been discharged from his chest consultant. He can happily sit in comfort to watch his favorite programs on TV and we can now go out as a family for meals and on outings.”


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