Social and clinical results for 4-year-old Lily-Mae with Cerebral Palsy

Lily Mae is a delightful child who lives with various health issues including Cerebral Palsy (CP) and a dislocated left hip. These conditions result in Lily Mae requiring specialist equipment to support her in achieving a sitting or standing position. She has limited head control and transfers require the assistance of an adult.

Before the support of the Gazelle, Lily Mae had a tendency to ‘hunch up in a ball’ in her wheelchair and social interaction could be limited. Her mother Lisa elaborates: “With the Gazelle being used at home and school for increasing periods, from 45 minutes up to a few hours per day, Lily Mae is now able to respond more positively and with greater frequency during play time. She is clearly more aware of her surroundings when standing and raises her head more regularly. Her discomfort is reduced and she finds the attachable tray the ideal platform to engage with sensory toys. With her recent tendon release operation, we feel this is only the beginning of her development thanks to the Gazelle and look forward to seeing x-rays that should confirm her hip joints have stopped migrating.”

Lily Mae

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