Bars for Swing-Away side supports

A full range of different bars to allow the optimal fit of the cushions for the user.

This is a configurable product. Contact your local dealer for finding the lateral Bar that fits your child’s needs.

Technical Info

Bars no. 10,11,15 and 16 Bars no. 25, 26 – curved 25mm Bars no. 45,46 – curved 45mm Bars no. 65,66 – curved 65mm
R82 item number This is a configurable product please contact your local dealer for a part number.
Measurements (mm) Bar no. 10 (length: 120)
Bar no. 11 (length: 160)
Bar no. 15, Stainless* (length: 95)
Bar no. 16, Stainless* (length: 160)
Bar no. 25 (length: 120)
Bar no. 26 (length: 160)
Bar no. 26, Stainless* (length: 160)
Bar no. 45 (length: 120)
Bar no. 46 (length: 160)
Bar no. 65 (Length: 120)
Bar no. 66 (Length: 160)

*When optioning the bars for bathing products such as the flamingo or heron you must order the stainless option.