Product Description

Meet the ultimate powered standing wheelchair. The LEVO C³ is compact, agile, easy to handle and extremely powerful. Perfect for active people on the move. Curbs part of your daily commute? No problem with the LEVO C³ drive system that turns a maneuverable mid-wheel base into a powerful, climbing 4 wheel drive action base. For classroom, work or home, you also have the tight turning radius and agile maneuverability of a mid-wheel base.

The LEVO C³ incorporates a new generation advancement in the famous LEVO low shearing standing systems. Incredibly smooth transition to standing including the automatic wheel base adjustment. Now you have a frontwheel drive base for unparalled driving stability and response in the standing position.

The LEVO C³ is pictured with the V-TRAK back, the LEVO C³ can take any other back system with support of an additional accessory.

Seat width 32 – 52 in 4 cm increments cm
Total width 63 cm
Total length 110 cm
Total height, V-trak 41 cm backrest included 100 cm
Seat height, without cushion 48 or 54 cm
Seat depth 35 – 63 cm
Armrest height 15 – 36 cm
Turning circle 117 cm
Speed 6, 9 or 10 km/h
Range with 48 Ah batteries 25 km
Range with 72 Ah batteries 35 km
Maximum safe slope 10 °
Maximum curb climbing 10 cm
Chair weight 185 kg
Maximum load 140 kg
Transport volume 96 x 63 x 69 cm

LEVO C³: Marguerite Black – Friederich’s Ataxia

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