Product Description

You need power mobility but you want a customized chair that fits into your everyday life and environment? Here is LEVO Combi.

The perfect mid-wheel powered standing wheelchair. A design that maximizes maneuverability, turning radius and overall traction for life’s ups and downs. The seating system on the power base is the best combination of seated, standing and recline offered in the industry. You can even transition directly from full recline to full standing – smoothly, securely and stop anywhere in between.

In any position you can engage the world with power mobility – move, turn, reverse – all while in any of the multiple and customized seating positions that you choose for your chair. The LEVO combi easily maneuvers within your home, your work, indoors, outdoors, all while ensuring stability, safety, multiple seating and standing positions to enhance and extend your quality of life.

Combi S-M L-XL
Seat width 38/44/48 38/44/48 cm
Total width 65 65 cm
Total length 121 121 cm
Total height 93-108 93-108 cm
Seat height, with cushion 50-65 50-65 cm
Seat depth 29-42 40-53 cm
Armrest height 17-25 17-25 cm
Turning circle 117 122 cm
Speed 6, 8 or 10 6, 8 or 10 km/h
Range with 48 Ah batteries 25 25 km
Maximum safe slope 10 10 °
Maximum curb climbing 8 8 cm
Chair weight 170 170 kg
Maximum load 120 kg
Transport volume 96 x 66 x 67 96 x 66 x 67 cm

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