Flexi Manual

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Product Description

Flexi is a flexible kitchen bench that can be adjusted vertically in height up and down. It can be easily adjusted in height using the handle supplied by turning either right or left.

It is easily mounted on the wall however if you want to mount it on a non-bearing wall, there is also support feet which can be provided. The frames are available in various sizes, please contact either JaapMartin or the Office for more information.

Max. weight: 150 kg evenly distributed
Height: 65-95 cm
Length: 60-300 cm

Item No.: 30-65060 to 30-65100 Length of worktop 60-100 cm
Frame with 2 supports arms
Item No.: 30-65105 to 30-65150 Length of worktop 105-150 cm
Frame with 4 support arms
Item No.: 30-65155 to 30-65200 Length of worktop 155-200 cm
Frame with 4 support arms
Item No.: 30-65205 to 30-65250 Length of worktop 205-250 cm
Frame with 5 support arms
Item No.: 30-65255 to 30-65300 Length of worktop 255-300 cm
Frame with 7 support arms

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