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Meet the ultimate powered standing wheelchair. The LEVO C3 is compact and agile making it perfect for active people on the move. The C³ drive system turns a maneuverable mid-wheel base into a powerful, curb climbing 4-wheel drive action base offering a brilliant turning circle.

The C3 incorporates a new generation of advancement in the famous LEVO low shearing standing systems, an incredibly smooth transition to standing including the automatic wheel base adjustment which then means you have a front wheel drive base for unparalleled driving stability.

The C3 is pictured with the SPEX Manta Back Support with mounting hardware, however this can be optioned with any backrest simply by optioning the adaptor kit.

Product Features

Power elevating leg rest

Power elevating leg rest

The LEVO C3 now comes with the optional compact power elevating leg supports, these can be adjusted individually or together and are length compensating. Used in combination with the optional reclining back you can achieve an open position ideal for pressure management.
Low Shear back support

Low Shear back support

The LEVO offers a low shearing system which means that the back support remains in the same place in standing as it does in the seated position.
Easily adapts to any back support

Easily adapts to any back support

The LEVO comes standard with the V-Trakk mounting system. In combination with the optional adaptor, you can fit any back support system.
A variety of options

A variety of options

The C3 comes standard with VR2 (1) and can be optioned with the R-NET system (2, 3 and 4) to cater for more complex requirements.

Technical Info

Seat width (mm) 320 – 520 in 40 mm increments
Total chair width (mm) 630
Total chair length (mm) 1100
Total height, V-trak 41 cm backrest included (mm) 1000
Seat height, without cushion (mm) 480 or 540
Seat depth (mm) 350 – 630 adjustable
Armrest height (mm) 150 – 360 adjustable
Turning circle (mm) 1170
Speed 6, 8 or 10 km/h
Range with 48 Ah batteries 25 km (35km with 73 Ah batteries)
Maximum safe slope 10°
Maximum curb climbing (mm) 100 mm
Chair weight 185 kg
Maximum load 140 kg
Transport volume 960 x 630 x 690


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