LEVO Combi

One wheelchair everywhere, every day!

The COMBI is our time proven, multi-functional, sturdy power sit-to-stand wheelchair with center wheel drive. It offers an array of power seating options for function and comfort including sit to stand, supine (lay flat) to stand, tilt in space, back recline, power elevating legrests and an elevating seat.

The Combi power base offers excellent maneuverability indoors. Its mid-wheel drive configuration delivers a 1170-1220 mm (46-48 in) turning radius, allowing for excellent navigation in tight confines. On outdoor terrain, it is rugged and stable. Large front casters and five points of wheel contact on the rolling surface can drive you confidently through the outdoors.
Benefit also from our patented Low Shear standing system and smoothly transition to standing from any position. Rising to any occasion, the Combi gets you eye to eye with friends, family and co-workers.

And, on flat and level surfaces, you can even explore your surroundings standing up!

Product Features

Full Lying-to-Standing

Full Lying-to-Standing

With the push of the joystick the chair is able to be easily place into a full lying position (supine), the user is then able to go from the lying position into a full stand.
Small Turning Radius

Small Turning Radius

Its mid-wheel drive configuration delivers a 1170-1220 mm (46-48 in) turning radius, allowing for excellent navigation in tight confines.
Low Shear Support System

Low Shear Support System

The patented Low Shear Support System on the Levo Combi is unique in that the back support remains in the same place throughout the stand reducing any risk of shearing. This also means that the optimal seating position isn’t compromised during the stand, as a result the arm supports also remain at the same height.
Numerous health benefits

Numerous health benefits

Because the Combi offers the most anatomically correct stand, as a result there are a range of health benefits to the user, these including, better bone density, reduced risk of pressure ulcers, less UTI’s, improved management of spasticity, respiratory function, bladder and bowel control plus many more including an overall sense of wellbeing.

Technical Info

S – M Frame L – XL Frame
Seat width (mm) 380, 440, 480 380, 440, 480
Total width (mm) 650 650
Total length (mm) 1210 1210
Total height (mm) 930-1080 930-1080
Seat height, with cushion (mm) 500-650 500-650
Seat depth (mm) 290-420 400-530
Armrest height (mm) 170-250 170-250
Turning circle (mm) 1170 1220
Speed (km/h) 6, 8 or 10 6, 8 or 10
Range with 48 Ah batteries (km) 25 25
Maximum safe slope 10° 10°
Maximum curb climbing (mm) 80 80
Chair weight (kg) 170 170
Maximum load (kg) 120 120
Transport volume (mm) 960 x 660 x 670 960 x 660 x 670