Levo LAE

Versatile and active.

The LEVO LAE is our lightweight, manually propelled, manually standing wheelchair. The LAE is the lightest sit-to-stand wheelchair available, its aircraft-grade aluminum frame is easily transportable and smoothly transitions from sitting to standing with the assistance of gas springs, allowing you to enjoy an active lifestyle while taking advantage of the numerous benefits of standing.

Independence and function are key as you elevate to reach objects at the store, at home and in the workplace. Or maybe you just want the fulfillment of meeting a loved one eye to eye and delivering a welcoming hug. With the LAE, you can rise to any occasion, anytime and anywhere!

Product Features

Easy Sit-to-Stand

Easy Sit-to-Stand

With just the squeeze of a trigger you are able to easily push yourself up into a standing position with the assistance of the gas struts. The arm supports remain with you the whole way through the stand by just simply adjusting them with another trigger. The LAE also has the ability to be able…
Numerous health benefits

Numerous health benefits

Because Levo offers the most anatomically correct stand as a result there are a range of health benefits to the user, these including, better bone density, reduced risk of pressure ulcers, less UTI’s, improved management of spasticity, respiratory function,  bladder and bowel control plus many more including an overall sense of wellbeing.
Maximum Safety and Stability

Maximum Safety and Stability

Stability is maintained with the 85° Vertical Posture System and the 6 points of contact made with the floor while the user is in a full stand.
Compact and Lightweight

Compact and Lightweight

Because the chairs frame is made from a lightweight aircraft aluminum it is easy for the user to propel, the quick release wheels, castors and a fold down backrest also mean that the chair can be easily transported. This means that the LAE is the worlds lightest standing frame!

Technical Info

S-M Frame L-XL Frame
Seat width (mm) 350 | 380 | 400 | 420 | 450 | 480 | 500 350 | 380 | 400 | 420 | 450 | 480 | 500
Total width (mm) Seat width + 220 Seat width + 220
Total length (mm) 840-900 930-1040
Total height (mm) 800 800
Seat height with cushion (mm) 480 | 510 | 540 | 570 480 | 510 | 540 | 570
Seat depth (mm) 310-420 430-570
Rear wheels (inch) 22 | 24 | 26
Chair weight 18kg 19kg
Max. load 120kg 120kg
Transport volume 980 x 640 x 500 980 x 640 x 500