R82 Stingray Frame

The Stingray frame with 180° degree turntable base makes it possible to move your child from forward to rearward facing without leaving their seat.

The carbon Stingray Frame is in a league of its own with the trendsetting design, great adjustments and ease of steering. The features of being able to swivel the base with the child in place and having tilt and recline functions mean that the Stingray fulfils almost all requirements for a user.

The Stingray Frame has excellent driving properties, fantastic suspension and with the safe and stable brakes, security always has pride of place.

The Stingray Frame is available in one size with either swivel or fixed front wheels and a choice of different brake systems. Other than the Stingray seats, both the Panda Futura seats sizes 1-2½ and the x:panda seats sizes 1-2 from R82 can be mounted on the Stingray Frame with an adapted interface plate. The Stingray Frame has a max. load of 40 kg.

Product Features

180° turnable seat unit

180° turnable seat unit

Revolutionary function with a 180° turnable seat unit. Let your child explore the surroundings during the trip or simply turn the unit to obtain eye contact with your child.
Foldable frame

Foldable frame

The Stingray Frame is foldable for storage and transportation.
Tilt in space

Tilt in space

The tilt in space function is very useful when the user needs to rest. Simply angle the complete unit into the desired position.
Safe transportation in vehicles

Safe transportation in vehicles

The Stingray Frame complies with the international transit wheelchair standard ISO 7176-19. The Stingray Frame can be used with seat units that comply with ISO 16840-4.

Technical Info

Size 1
R82 item number 870xxxx-x
Folded height (mm) 490
Folded length (mm) 900
Foot plate (width & depth) (mm) 310×200
Footrest to seat distance (mm) 140-450
Leg to seat surface angle (°) (-30) – 30
Length with large front wheels (mm) 840
Length with turnable front wheels (mm) 740
Mass device (kg) 13.5
Max load (kg) 40
Max load at transportation (kg) 40
Maximum rated load (kg) 55.5
Minimum turning radius (mm) 1020
Overall height, push brace 15° (mm) 1000, 1030, 1060
Overall width (mm) 590
Seat plane angle (°) 45
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 520
Static stability downhill (°) 10
Static stability sideways (°) 10
Static stability uphill (°) 10