RotoBed® ROHO® Dry Flotation® mattress

2-layer mattress with proven efficacy in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in all four stages.

Optimal prevention and healing conditions for users at high risk of pressure ulcers. Custom-designed for RotoBed® care beds, user weight up to 190 kg.

The air cells in a ROHO® mattress are made from soft and flexible neoprene. The linked cells provide a large contact surface and a constant, low hydrostatic pressure on both the skin and the deeper tissues. This, and the low friction, allows the blood and lymphatic system in and under the skin to function unimpeded.

At the same time, skin temperature – thanks to the good air circulation – remains lower than with other mattress systems. No use of electric pump. This makes transfers easier and saves both user and staff of unpleasant noise, vibration and heat.

Including foot section in RotoBed®SafeSleep material and anchor system to hold the mattress during rotation. Cover made of stretchable incontinence foil, washable at 60°c.