Standing Powerchair Adapter Mount

The Standing Powerchair Adapter Mount provides an off-the-shelf hardware solution for mounting Spex back supports to the Levo C3 powered standing wheelchair. 

This versatile Adapter Mount empowers clinicians and power wheelchair users by providing an opportunity to select from the Spex seating range to suit individual needs.

Featuring a reduced depth profile and built-in height adjustment, this Adapter Mount maintains back support functionality, while providing a compatible solution for attaching to the Levo C3 Powered Standing Wheelchair.

These are available in either black or grey.

Technical Info

Standing Powerchair Adapter Mount
Item number LEV-C3-021
Height (mm) 140
Width (mm) 75
Depth (mm) 45
Height adjustment (mm) 70
Weight (g) 140
Weight limit (kg) 140