SupportLine Washbasin

Product Description

Support Line washbasin with integrated handrails for walking impaired or other physical restrictions

SupportLine is an ergonomic washbasin you can adjust to the individual user’s needs. The integrated handrails help the user to stand up or sit down at the washbasin and can slide sideways and work as a support rail.

The washbasin is available in different styles with a manual and electric version available. The combination of height adjustment and integrated handrails makes it ideal for bathrooms used by multiple users with individual needs.

The washbasin is suitable for private homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

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Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/ISO 17966:2016.
Materials: Gelcoated composit. Stainless steel. Plastic.

Height adjustable:
Model Basic and Manuel – adjustable 30 cm, from 71-101 cm.

Model Electric – adjustable 25 cm, from 71-96 cm.

Sideways slide: 35 cm.

According to DS/ISO 17966:2016 – max. user weight SupportLine washbasin:
Support Washbasin Electric item no.: 40-44006 and 40-44007 = 520 kg
Support Washbasin Basic item no. 40-44012 and 40-44013 = 400 kg
Support Washbasin Fixed item no. 40-44010 and 40-44011 = 400 kg

Ropox Support Washbasin is available as left or right hand model
Support washbasin left Support washbasin right
Left – Mixer tap is placed on the left-hand side of the washbasin    Right – Mixer tap is placed on the right-hand side of the washbasin

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