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The shape and size of the washbasin ensures that seated and standing users can use the basin from the front or sides. A model of the washbasin can also be height adjusted to suit individual users.

1. Increased independence – Users will be able to use the washbasin and the toilet on their own, giving them greater independence while carers can deal with other tasks.

2. Space optimisation – The basin’s ability to swing 180° gives more space for wheelchair users and can make smaller rooms more accessible.

3. Improved hygiene – Users are able to wash their hands after toileting before transfer.

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Ropox Swing Washbasin
Materials: Gelcoated composit. Aluminium. Stainless steel. Surface treated steel.
Functional measurements: The arm swings 180 degrees. The washbasin swings 180 degrees. Height adjustment range 150 mm
Max. load: 300 kg (swing washbasin and dock-in)
Ropox Dock-In 
Materials: Surface treated steel. Stainless steel. Compact laminate
Function measurements: Height adjustment range 150 mm
Item No.: 40-40069 Dock-In station for the Ropox Swing Washbasin

Height adjustable – 15 cm

Item No.: 40-41145 + 40-41150 Accessory kit, detachable

Incl 2 pcs of storage boxes, 1 pc of insert

Incl 2 pcs of storage boxes, 1 pc of insert, incl. wall rail

Item No.: 40-41146 Tray, detachable
Item No.: 40-40935 Plug with overflow
Item No.: 40-42170 Flexible winding handle
Item No.: 40-14680 Extended lever

For Oras monobloc tap. Length 15 cm



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