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Product Description

Our tailboard ramp boasts an aluminium frame with certified side edges. The expanded traction surface offers excellent rear visibility through the ramp when folded, lets snow and ice through and provides the absolute best anti-slip protection on the market. All components have been naturally anodized, which makes the ramp very easy to keep clean. The ramps have an internal width of 82 cm and we have nine different stock models available.

The ramp can be installed in a vehicle either with our floor mounting plates or in one of the floor mounting systems available on the market. Whichever you choose, only one simple motion is needed to quickly install or remove the ramp from the vehicle.

Gas spring dampers facilitate folding and manoeuvring, and external locks keep the ramp in place during transport and reduce vibration noise.  All ramps are also equipped with crash-tested safety belts.

Rotatable ramp
All BGR ramps can also be sold with rotatable foot plates so that the ramp can be opened like a door, both inwards and outwards. This aids loading in situations that do not require ramps.

Other uses – service and delivery vehicles

If you will be using the ramp for loading something other than a wheelchair, you may prefer to have the loading surface constructed either wholly or partially of checker plate instead of expanded metal.

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