Verti Electric

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Product Description

The Verti Electric makes it possible for the user to reach into the cabinet, which would otherwise be unattainable.
Verti Electric simply raises or lowers the wall unit electrically making it easy to use.

The frame can be raised and lowered 30 cm by simply using the controller, the controller is usually placed in the front fascia of the countertop.
The frame has a depth of 5 cm, so there is still plenty of space to work at the tabletop.

Like the Diagonal it is designed to automatically stop when hitting an obstruction making it safe to use.

For more information including user manuals, brochures, stats and videos please refer below.

Max Load: 80/120 kg evenly distributed
Box Height: 70-90 cm
Box Width: 40-180 cm
Depth of frame: 50 cm

See how it works:

Watch the mounting of the Verti Electric

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