The LEVO C3 Wheelchair Features the Best of Power Standing Technology


Mid-Wheel Drive, Low Shear Standing

The LEVO C3 has led the way in power standing wheelchairs for over a decade. This compact and agile mid-wheel drive power wheelchair allows you to stand effortlessly with a single electronic command. Featuring the latest generation of our Low Shear system, the transition from seating to standing is smooth and simple, allowing you to experience unparalleled stability and comfort while driving in the standing position.

C3 Features At a Glance:

  • Drive Capability in all Seated and Standing Positions
  • Maneuverable Mid Wheel Drive Enables a 54.61 cm (21.5 in.) Turning Radius
  • Whisper Quiet Motor and Actuators
  • Adjustable Seat Width/Length for a Full Range of Sizes From Child to Adult
  • A Multitude of Health Benefits Due to More Frequent Standing
  • Multiple Accessories Including R-Net Drive, Bluetooth, Knee Supports, electronic non sheer reclining back rest and soon to come power elevating leg rests with length compensation.



Simple, Customizable Controls

A single electronic command to the C3 allows you to rise effortlessly to a liberating standing posture. This command can originate from our standard joystick, optional R-NET joystick with color display, or from any of our available alternate control input devices. Choose which of these controls works best for you and we can custom-program the drive characteristics to meet your specific needs.

Equally simple is the ability of the C3 to transition smoothly to the standing position without the need for any complex programming to checkpoints. The seat, backrest and legrest simply work in concert to elevate the user in one continuous sequence of motion from any position. Our patented Low Shear system stands you comfortably with virtually no shear. All of the seating components remain where desired and do not migrate to new locations, resulting in reduced shear concerns and eliminating the need to readjust the body and clothing as you stand and sit back down.

90 Degree Upright Standing Angle

When fully extended in the LEVO C3, the user’s ankles, knees, hips and shoulders are all in alignment, “straight as an arrow.” Additionally, the seating system’s tilt feature provides even greater functional benefit. When the system is vertical and tilted forward, it delivers a 90° standing angle perpendicular to the rolling surface. This further extends your reach and capabilities and provides you unprecedented access to your everyday environment in the workplace and at home.

Safe & Easy Seated to Standing

Standing is freedom–the freedom to interact eye to eye with family, friends and relatives anytime and on demand. Standing is the freedom to get vertical, stretch and take in the wonderful world that surrounds you, and, with the LEVO C3, now you can drive around as you do so. Standing means freedom and relief from chronic pains and illness associated with a compacted seated position. Go ahead: Make your stand in the LEVO C3.


Specification Measurement
Seat width (SB) 32 – 52, in 4 cm increments (12.6 – 20.5 in)
Total width (B) 63 cm (24.8 in)
Total length (L) 110 cm (43.3 in)
Total height (H), V-trak 41 cm (16 in) backrest included 100 cm (39.4 in)
Seat height, without cushion 48 or 54 cm (18.9 in or 21.3 in)
Seat depth 35 cm – 63 cm (13.8 in – 24.8 in)
Armrest height 15 cm – 36 cm (5.9 in – 14.2 in)
Turning circle 107 cm (46 in)
Speed 6, 8 or 10 km/h
Range with 48 Ah batteries (72 Ah batteries) 25 km (35 km)
Maximum safe slope 10 degrees
Maximum curb climbing 10 cm (3.9 in)
Chair weight 185 kg (407.9 lb)
Maximum load 140 kg (308.6 lb)
Transport volume 96 x 63 x 69 cm (37.8 x 24.8 x 27.1 in)

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