Expandable Electronics – Omni2 Specialty Control Unit

The R-net Omni2 provides a universal Specialty Input Device interface with a large, easy-to-read, color LCD screen.

The next-generation Omni2 sets new standards in universal specialty control – not least from the inclusion of a high-resolution, 3.5” full VGA screen. Reflecting a family-look with the recently introduced CJSM2, the clear and crisp graphics are made as large as possible to indicate the operating status of the powerchair. The new, aesthetically-pleasing, two-section design, features an ultra-slimline display. This includes an in-built light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness for improved visibility in sunlight or reduced glare in environments such as the cinema. All of the Specialty Input Device (SID) connections are housed in a discrete, second input section, ensuring the user’s view is ‘decluttered’ from excessive wiring. A thin, flexible, interconnecting cable for ease of routing, further enhances chair ergonomics. The Input Section also features an integrated USB port – ideal for mobile device charging, and a large speaker with programmable horn volume.

Input Devices

The R-net Omni2 is compatible with a whole range of Specialty Input Devices (SIDs) including: joystick types, switch panels, switched and proportional head controls, sip-and-puff and scanners. Each of these SIDs can be set to control all profiles or just a dedicated number of profiles. Furthermore, it is also possible to connect two SIDs to a single Omni2 and then assign each to particular profiles. This ultimate flexibility makes the Omni2 ideally suited for applications which require simple and elegant transfer of control between standard and Specialty Input Devices.