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Accessories are important for obtaining the correct position and to enhance activity and participation.
RotoBed® produces our beds with a strong focus on sustainability and long-lasting, recyclable materials. The beds’ stylish and minimalistic design has gained international attention. RotoBed® aims to deliver the world’s…
View our wide range of Kitchen, Bathroom and Table products which are recognized and appreciated around the world for their high quality, flexibility, and accessibility.
Finding the right product is important. View the full Euromedical catalogue of MoH list products.
Configurable assistive devices for children and young people with special needs to safely promote independence and participation in daily activities.
Equipment providing support and safety to the user and improving working area conditions for healthcare staff when handling, repositioning or turning the patient.
Fixed, folding or telescopic. Our portable ramps are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Easy to take with you on trips or to places where there are no…
Offering the Heron from R82 of Denmark and both the Diagonal and Vertical toilet lifts from Economic Holland giving both client and carers flexible optimal working conditions in any environment.
Offering light weight manual wheelchairs, along with the award winning Fatbike from Wolturnus and the largest range of standing wheelchairs on the market from Levo of Switzerland.