iRamp Portable ramps

Our IRP was chosen as a portable ramp to the Olympics in South Korea 2018.
This is a portable ramp which folds lengthways. It provides a full surface required for things such as electric wheelchairs and three-wheeled scooters. It is very lightweight, made from a durable material and is capable of supporting heavy loads.

Product Features

Foldable in length

Foldable in length

The IRP ramps are only 5.5 cm/2,2 inches thick when folded up.
Maximum surface

Maximum surface

For example, electric wheelchairs and three-wheeled scooter.
Lightweight and durable

Lightweight and durable

A very light ramp in durable material that can withstand high loads.

Technical Info

Feal IRP050 Feal IRP090 Feal IRP120 Feal IRP150 Feal IRP170 Feal IRP200
Item number FEA-IRP050 FEA-IRP090 FEA-IRP120 FEA-IRP150 FEA-IRP170 FEA-IRP200
Length (mm) 520 920 1160 1500 1670 2000
Weight 3.8kg 6.5kg 8.7kg 10kg 12.5kg 14.7kg
Max. load 400kg 400kg 400kg 400kg 400kg 400kg
Inside width (mm) 760 760 760 760 760 760
Folded width (mm) 390 390 390 390 390 390
Recommended max. height (mm) 100 200 250 300 350 400