Ropox Diagonal

A lift system that makes kitchen upper wall cabinets height adjustable and disability friendly

Diagonal is a special lift system that makes kitchen upper cabinets height adjustable and disability friendly. The lift system has a unique feature as it not only can lower the cabinet to a height which is accessible to seated users, but it can also move the cabinet forward from the wall moving it closer to the user. This way the Diagonal lift system makes the content of the upper wall cabinets available to all.

The cabinets are mounted on the Diagonal lift system which adjusts the height electrically via a small control switch. The height adjustment range is 43 cm in height and 18 cm horizontally. The diagonal stroke (downwards and towards the user) makes a big difference particularly for seated users as the cabinet contents become within easy reach.

Diagonal is a lift system that is developed for people with limited physical mobility, and it provides elderly and disabled people with the flexibility and freedom to use the kitchen on equal terms with everyone else.

Technical Info

Diagonal, for wall cupboards, one frame system Diagonal, for wall cupboards, two frame system
Item number ROP-30-40904 to 40912 ROP-30-40913 to 40918
Electric height adjustment Yes Yes
Cupboard height (mm) 704-920 704-920
Cupboard width (mm) 400-1800 400-1800
Frame depth (mm) 115 115
Diagonal height adjustment (mm) 430 down, 180 forward 430 down, 180 forward
For cupboard width 400mm – 1200mm Yes
For cupboard width 1300mm – 1800mm Yes
Max. load 120kg evenly distributed 120kg evenly distributed