Ropox SupportLine

A Washbasin with integrated handrails for the walking impaired or those with other physical restrictions

SupportLine is an ergonomic washbasin you can adjust to the individual user’s needs. It is suitable for walking impaired because it can slide sideways and work as a support rail. This especially helps the user who need a grab to lean on to. Furthermore, the integrated handrails are a reliable support when the user needs to stand up or sit down at the washbasin. With many support points it is possible to reduce the risk of falling injuries.

The integrated hand grabs and the washbasin’s ability to slide sideways makes it safer for the user. Due to the safety, it also makes it more comfortable for the user to use the bathroom. Above all it makes the user more self-reliant and independent.

The washbasin is available in different types and with manual or electric height adjustment. The combination of height adjustment, integrated handrails, and a cleaning-friendly design make it ideal for bathrooms used by multiple users with individual needs.

SupportLine washbasin is equally suitable for private homes, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Technical Info

Support Washbasin Electric Complete, LHS Support Washbasin Electric Complete, RHS Support Washbasin Manual Complete, LHS Support Washbasin Manual Complete, RHS Support Washbasin Fixed, LHS Support Washbasin Fixed, RHS
Item number ROP-40-44006 ROP-40-44007 ROP-40-44004 ROP-40-44005 ROP-40-44010 ROP-40-44011
Total width (mm) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Total depth (mm) 635 635 635 635 635 635
Total height (mm) 710-960 710-960 710-1010 710-1010 710 710
Height adjustment (mm) 710-960 (250) 710-960 (250) 710-1010 (300) 710-1010 (300) Fixed height Fixed height
Max. load 520kg 520kg 400kg 400kg 400kg 400kg
Product weight 38kg 38kg
Power supply 230V, 50Hz, max. 2.0A 230V, 50Hz, max. 2.0A
IP Protection IPX6 IPX6
Sink overflow
Integrated handles Yes, depth of 50mm Yes, depth of 50mm Yes, depth of 50mm Yes, depth of 50mm Yes, depth of 50mm Yes, depth of 50mm
Mixer tap, flexible connecting hoses and flexible waste Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes