Ropox Vision table electric

Disability friendly tables with electrical height adjustment.

Vision Table Electric is a height adjustable and elegant table designed for visually impaired and people with mobility difficulties. The table has a range of features that make it very disability friendly. It is a table suitable for both work, school, play, and training.

The tables are available in different shapes and sizes and in two different heights. This means you can almost always find a table that matches your needs.

Our tables are developed with state-of-the-art welfare technology. The reason is it makes the users more independent and improves their quality of life. It also gives the helpers get a better work environment with minimum physical strain.

Vision Table Electric is an ergonomic table that supports the body for a balanced sitting position. This makes it an optimum table for both user and helper.

Technical Info

Ropox vision table electric
Table height (mm) 500-700 or 600-900
Table depth (mm) 600 or 900
Table width (mm) 900 or 1200
Inner width (mm) 800 or 1100
Max. load 100kg
*for specifications on more variants please click here or refer to the brochure in the downloads section below.