RotoBed® BariaSleep

RotoBed® BariaSleep is customized for RotoBed® and is a quality 4-layer mattress with proven efficacy in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in stages 1-3.

The top layer is made from a highly elastic comfort polyether Olmosoff. Olmosoff facilitates extremely high airflow that ensures low heat and moisture concentration in the contact surface. At the same time – due to its stretchability and softness – it provides a comfortable feeling.

The second layer is made of quality visco-elastic polyurethane foam 53 kg/m3. This layer helps distribute the body weight evenly so high pressure points are avoided. The layer is of a thickness which does not impede the user’s mobility itself, but is sufficient, in combination with the top layer, to provide a good pressure distribution.

The third layer is made of Elast PF 65FR with a density of 60 kg/m3. The surface has transverse cuts to facilitate airflow in the mattress and to help the top layers minimize horizontal shear. The base layer is SR 75 with a density of 75 kg/m3. Underneath, the layer has transverse grooves to increase flexibility to optimize adaptability to the RotoBed. With its density of 75 kg/m3 it provides a stable pressure absorbing base to avoid bottoming out.

The mattress comes with an elastic, semi-impermeable incontinence foil, washable at 60°c.

Including foot mattress and anchor system to hold the mattress during rotation. Recommended user weight is 120 – 190 kg.