Wolturnus Tukan

Strong and elegant for an active life.

The Tukan is ideal for experienced and active users who know their requirements. Tukan is made to fit your measurements and to meet your requirements.

The backrest and rear axle are fully welded. Therefore, even though it has an open design, it is extremely rigid and robust. This ensures that all your energy is harnessed for propulsion.

Product Features

Side panels

Side panels

Choose from either detachable or fixed side supports.
Open frame

Open frame

The open frame means that the chair can be easily stored in the car.
Back system

Back system

Choose from either a fully welded back or a folding back that can be adjusted in both height and angle.
Ergonomic seat

Ergonomic seat

The rear part of the seat is flat with the front inclining. The seat then stabilizes the pelvis towards an upright position and minimizes the risk of pressure ulcers.

Technical Info

Seat width adjustable: NO
Seat depth adjustable: YES
Seat angle adjustable: NO
Balance point adjustable: YES
Harness seat: YES
Fixed seat: YES
Backrest angle adjustable: YES
Backrest height adjustable: YES
Push handles: YES
Push handles adjustable: YES
Front-wheel drive: NO
Quick-release axle: YES
Suitable for fastening in car: YES
Suitable for children: YES
No. of wheels: 4
Weight from: 9 kg
User weight, max. (mm) 120 kg
Seat width, min. (mm) 320
Seat width, max. (mm) 600
Seat depth, min. (mm) 250
Seat depth, max. (mm) 500
Seat height, min. (mm) 300
Seat height, max. (mm) 550
Backrest height, min. (mm) 250
Backrest height, max. (mm) 550