x:panda shape Width adjustable pelvis support

Helps maintain the position of the pelvis for a more stable base of support. Provides lateral support to the pelvis and hips and is mounted on the lower back of the seat.
Can be adjusted outwards and inwards while the user is seated. It has 20 mm of neoprene underneath the cover, leaving no sharp edges around the hip and pelvis area.

Technical Info

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Item number 905041-xx 905042-xx 905043-xx
Compatible with x:panda shape size 1 (also usable on size 2,3) x:panda shape size 2 (Also usable on size 1 from 160 mm hip width and size 3) x:panda shape size 3 (Also usable on size 2 from 240 mm hip width)
Height (mm) 110 130 150
Length (mm) 100 140 180