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Aerolet Diagonal Toilet Lift

Raising the standard in bathroom safety and independence.

Toiletlift Diagonal is based on the natural movement of standing up, offering optimum support, with both feet firmly planted on the floor, during the ‘stand up’ phase. An important feature of this Toiletlift is the ability to adapt to the users specific height and weight. With no bar in front of the Toiletlift, the user is able to move their feet back to facilitate ‘evacuation’.

  • It is very quiet and ideal for users who have multiple sclerosis, Motor Neurone disease, post Polio, Hemiplegia, Strokes and other disabling conditions.
  • The weight rating of the AEROLET Diagonal is 150 KG with a bariatric version rated at 250 KG also available.
  • Supplied with fold away arm supports, it allows constant support during the sitting down and stand-up motion. No leg muscle is required.
  • The toilet seat range depends on the toilet bowl height. When the bowl is 40 cm high, the maximum height is 85 cm and when the bowl is 50 cm high, the maximum height is 95 cm.

NOTE: This toilet lift allows for a bidet to be attached in place of the toilet seat if required.

Technical Info

Diagonal Standard
Item number ECO-Aer-14-D
Width (mm) 675
Width with arm supports (mm) 650-700
Depth (mm) 580
Depth with arm supports (mm) 680
Min. toilet seat height (mm) 430
Lower leg length (mm) 360-540
Height Adjustment (mm) 400 460 500
Max. toilet seat rise (mm) 1000 1060 1100
Arm support heights (mm) 630-890 690-950 770-990
Max. load 150kg (bariatric version available, 300kg)
Power connection 240v/230v or with your domestic voltage
Length of power cable (mm) 2750
Materials Stainless Steel
Rilsan and Cathodic electro coating
 Warranty (months) 24
Colour White