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Aerolet Vertical Toilet Lift

Raising the standard in bathroom safety and independence.

This version is for a vertical ‘stand-up’ motion, ideal for users with none or very limited flexion in the hips and/or knees. The vertical Toiletlift offers the perfect support to achieve the right natural ‘stand-up’ motion.

It is very quiet and ideal for people who have arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, post polio, muscle loss in their legs, hemiplegia, stroke and other disabling conditions. Standard with foldaway arm supports allowing constant support during the sitting down and stand-up motion.

  • No leg muscle is required.
  • The toilet seat rise depends on the bowl height.
  • When the bowl is 40 cm high, the maximum rise is 85 cm and when the bowl is 50 cm high, the maximum rise is 95 cm.

Technical Info

Vertical Standard
Item number ECO-Aer-17-V
Width (mm)  665
Width with arm supports (mm) 685
Depth (mm) 535
Depth with arm supports (mm) 720
Min. toilet seat height (mm) 430
Height Adjustments (mm) 400 460 500
Max. toilet seat rise (mm) 830 890 930
Arm support heights (mm) 690 750 790
Max. load 150kg (bariatric version available, 300kg)
Power connection 240v/230v or with your domestic voltage
Length of power cable (mm) 2750
Materials Stainless Steel
Rilsan and Cathodic electro coating
 Warranty (months) 24
Colour White