Feal Fixed ramps

Our fixed ramps are available in multiple sizes to suit all needs.

Product Features

Non-slip surface

Non-slip surface

The unique grip areas of our portable ramps have been developed to create the most slip-resistant ramp with the ultimate grip for up and down rolling.
Easy to carry

Easy to carry

The new handles make the ramp very easy to carry. To handle to take up as little space as possible, they can be folded up against the side profile. The handles can be easily disassembled or moved to the opposite side
Lowest possible weight

Lowest possible weight

With the new profiles and perforated surface, we have been able to reduce the weight by about 10%, compared to our previous ramps.

Technical Info

Feal X050 Feal X100 Feal XW100
Item number FEA-X050 FEA-X100 FEA-XW100
Length (mm) 550 1160 1060
Weight 1.5kg 3.1kg 3.5kg
Max. load 200kg 200kg 200kg
Inside width (mm) 210 210 210
Recommended max height (mm) 100 200 200