R82 Flamingo High-low

Flamingo High-low is a modern and comfortable toilet/bathing chair that fits into most bathrooms.

The Flamingo High-low has smooth and stepless height adjustment. The height adjustable feature allows caregivers to perform bathing and hygiene tasks in a convenient and good working position. Furthermore, the function is useful during transfers with a hoist, where it allows the user and caregiver to stay at eye level, providing dignity in the process. The PU inlay provides comfort for the user while the elegant design makes it easy for the caregiver to use. The Flamingo High-low is one of the most versatile products on the market with up to five configurations available. It can be used freestanding with a pan, directly over the toilet and as a shower chair. The seat is also removable for direct mounting on a toilet or in a bath.

Product Features

Easy adaptation of working conditions

Easy adaptation of working conditions

The smooth height adjustment allows the Flamingo High-low to adjust from 53 to 74 cm in seat height. Height adjustablity eases transfer from/to the chair and provides optimum working conditions for the carer.
Optimum positioning

Optimum positioning

The Flamingo High-low offers easily operated tilt-in-space and back recline functions and can accommodate positioning of the user with the knees higher than the hips which might have a positive impact on bowel movements.
Easy to use

Easy to use

The Flamingo High-low has easily accessible foot pedals for height adjustment and tilt-in-space. The pedals are equipped with security locks for added safety.
Bath time is fun and relaxing

Bath time is fun and relaxing

Flamingo High-low is the perfect choice when bath times are more than just a quick dip and scrub. The PU inlay and the back recline function make it very easy to get comfortable and relaxed.

Technical Info

Size 1 Flamingo seat size 1  Size 2 Flamingo seat size 2 Size 3 Flamingo seat size 3 Size 4 Flamingo seat size 4
R82 item number R82-880401-x R82-880101 R82-880402-x R82-880102 R82-880403-x R82-880103 R82-880404-x R82-880104
Back width (mm) 200 220 260 280
Backrest angle (°) 30 30 30 30
Backrest height (mm) 350 380 420 470
Effective seat depth (mm) 250 290 350 400
Effective seat width (mm) 240 280 320 340
Footrest to seat distance (mm) 200-250 230-340 300-420 300-420
Leg to seat surface angle (°) 90-75 90-75 90-75 90-75
Length (mm) 640 260 640 315 760 360 760 425
Mass device (kg) 14 2.5 14.5 3 16.5 4 17 4.5
Max load, operating force (kg) 35 35 55 55
Maximum rated load (kg) 41 39.5 66.5 55 78.5 66 89 76.5
Maximum user mass (kg) 35 35 50 50 60 60 70 70
Overall height (mm) 860-1080 920-1110 940-1170 1020-1200
Overall width (mm) 500 500 570 570
Seat plane angle (°) (-5)-20 (-5)-20 (-5)-20 (-5)-20
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 530-740 530-740 530-740 530-740