R82 Swan Curo

The R82 Swan Curo is a toilet and bath chair developed for children and youngsters with special needs.

The Swan Curo toilet and bath chair has a minimalistic design and a small footprint, making it suitable for various bathrooms and homes. The shell is perfectly shaped for high comfort and with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. The PU inlay is soft and ensures optimal seating comfort for the user and is easy to attach and detach. The gas spring-supported tilt mechanism comes as standard and makes the chair easy to adjust during use. The frame is height-adjustable to accommodate a wide range of toilets.

The Swan Curo is available in 4 different sizes. Size 1 is available with and without castors. Size 2-4 comes with castors.

Product Features

Versatile functionality

Versatile functionality

The R82 Swan Curo is a multifaceted toilet and bath chair, ideal for various daily self-care and wellness activities. This allows the child to be as active and involved as possible, promoting quality of life, minimising the need for transfers and the physical workload for the caregiver.
Everyday convenience

Everyday convenience

Due to a minimalist and small footprint of the frame the toilet and bath chair fits very well into various houses and bathrooms. The simple design makes the chair very user-friendly and lightweight – making it easy for the caregiver to handle and the smooth surfaces easy to clean.
Comfort & support

Comfort & support

The shell is carefully designed to enclose the user, which along with the soft PU inlay, ensures high seating comfort. The PU inlay is easy to attach and has high durability. Head support, vests and belts ensure ideal support for the user.
Individual adjustment

Individual adjustment

Positioning of the user is easily done using the tilt function assisted by a gas spring and the height- and angle-adjustable foot support. To obtain the best possible height for transfer, for caregivers or the toilet, the frame is height-adjustable.

Technical Info

Size 1 without castors Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Item number R82-87060 R82-87061 R82-87062 R82-87063 R82-87064
Aperture W x D (mm) 125×185 125×185 150×220 180×280 180×330
Aperture with inlay W x D (mm) 100×175 100×175 125×210 155×270 155×320
Back width, bottom of backrest (mm) 210 210 250 315 400
Back width, top of backrest (mm) 270 270 350 425 490
Backrest height (mm) 380 380 470 525 600
Effective seat depth (mm) 265 265 310 400 450
Effective seat width (mm) 220 220 260 320 410
Length, with castors outside (low/high) at 0° tilt (mm) 495/555 625/645 680/715 680/715
Length, without castors outside (low/high) at 0° tilt (mm) 400/425
Mass device, with castors (kg) 8.5 10.5 11.75 12.75
Mass device, without castors (kg) 7.5
Maximum rated load with castors (kg) 46 73 99 125
Maximum rated load without castors (kg) 45
Maximum user mass (kg) 35 35 60 85 110
Minimum distance for turning 180° allowing for reversing movement (mm) 705 705 820 895 945
Minimum distance for turning 180° forward in movement (mm) 1205 1205 1350 1475 1600
Minimum turning diameter (mm) 1410 1410 1640 1790 1890
Overall height with castors (mm) 760-920 960-1120 990-1150 1060-1220
Overall height without castors (mm) 670-830
Overall width with castors (mm) 500 530 580 655
Overall width without castors (mm) 460
Pelvis width (mm) 240 240 275 340 420
Seat plane angle (°) 0°- 20° 0°-20° 0°-20° 0°- 20° 0°- 18,5°
Seat surface height at front edge, with castors (mm) 380-540 480-640 470-630 465-625
Seat surface height at front edge, without castors (mm) 290-450
Seat width front (mm) 320 320 355 425 475