R82 High Low Frame

The High-low Frame is a stable base with a user friendly height adjustment from floor to table height.

The High-low Frame is available either as an indoor frame with small lockable castors or as an outdoor frame with large wheels and foot brake.

The frames are available with either gas or power height adjustment. The frames accommodate various seats, e.g. the Panda Futura seats from R82.

The High-low Frame is available in one size. The High-low Frame max load is 60 kg.

Product Features

Safe transportation in vehicles

Safe transportation in vehicles

The High-low Frame, outdoor, complies with the international transit wheelchair standard ISO 7176-19. The High-low Frame, outdoor, can be used with seat units that comply with ISO 16840-4
Height adjustment

Height adjustment

The height is adjustable from floor to table height. The frames are available with either gas or power height adjustment


Various seats can be mounted on the High-low Frame by means of an interface
Angling of seat base

Angling of seat base

The seat base has an angle range of 40° which helps obtain varied seating positions. The base can be set to angle from 0° to 30° or from -10° to 20°

Technical Info

Indoor frame with gas Indoor frame with power Outdoor frame with gas Outdoor frame with power
R82 item number 89505-03 89505-03EL 89516-03 89516-03EL
Footrest to adaptor plate (mm) 50-290 50-290 50-290 50-290
Length (mm) 690 690 960 960
Mass device (kg) 12.3 12.8 17.5 18
Max load (kg) 60 60 60 60
Max load at transportation (kg) 43 43
Maximum rated load (kg) 74.3 74.8 79.5 80
Overall width (mm) 560 560 620 620
Seat plane angle (°) (-10) – 30 (-10) – 30 (-10) – 30 (-10) – 30
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 170-600 170-600 260-700 260-700