Ropox Toilet Lifter

An assistive aid that makes people with mobility disabilities more self-reliant when toileting

The ROPOX Toilet Lifter is a small unit with high capacity and a discreet design that gives people with reduced mobility the possibility to extend their independence. It lowers and lifts the user to the best seated or standing position. Importantly, it is straightforward to set to the optimum height for both user and helper.

The design provides plenty of space and good access in transfer situations. It is easy to adjust the height, and the user or care worker can operate it using a wireless hand control (electric model) or with a handle (manual model).

It has an ergonomic design and is both durable and stable in use. The smooth surface with rounded edges is cleaning-friendly making it easy to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Technical Info

Product name Toilet lifter, electric Toilet lifter, manual
Item number ROP-40-45027 ROP-40-45026
Unit Height (mm) 1154 1154
Unit width (mm) 523 523
Unit depth (mm) 205 205
Height adjustment (mm) 400-650 400-620
Max. weight limit 400kg 400kg
Flushing, (L) 3 or 6 3 or 6, can be 2 or 4.5
Colour White White

Materials: Surface treated steel. Stainless steel. Plastic