Vendlet Dormilet Flexi

A unique and cost effective pressure management solution.

DORMILET Flexi consists of two types of foam. The bottom of the mattress and the side structure are made of high density foam.

Inside the foam frame there is a lighter density foam which also has a unique cutout. This cutout provides the foam with unusually great adaptability to the curvatures of the body, which offers optimum pressure distribution and comfort.

DORMILET Flexi has a very special slide zone. The slide zone is under the entire upper part of the body and is designed to remove shear and friction between the bedridden person and the mattress when the back support is elevated – e.g. when a sitting position in the bed is made.

The structure means that the friction and shear normally existing between the bedridden person and the mattress is now relocated to occur inside the mattress between the two different types of foam. This not only reduces shear and friction under the back but also the pressure under the pelvis is reduced considerably.

Product Features

Unique slide zone

Unique slide zone

The head end of this static foam mattress is lined with a unique slide zone that minimizes shearing and friction between the patient and the mattress when using the profiling functions of the bed.
Castellations in the foam frame

Castellations in the foam frame

The foam frame (bottom and side construction) consists of one piece of firm foam with castellation’s that ensures that the foam moves with the profiling functions of the bed. The sturdier foam frame also helps facilitate patient transfers by providing effective side-wall support.
Individual cell cut outs

Individual cell cut outs

The surface of the mattress is constructed in a single piece of foam, consisting of cell cut-outs that molds to the patient’s body and movements. This results in an effective pressure reduction of high-risk areas such as the back of the head, shoulder blades, elbows, sacrum, and heels.

Technical Info

Specifications Cover
Type Reactive foam mattress Material 100% Polyester coated w. polyurethane (does not contain latex)
Max. user weight 160 kg Waterproof Yes
Pressure ulcer category 1-2 Breathable Yes
Risk of pressure ulcers Low – medium risk of developing pressure ulcers Anti-bacterial Yes
Mobility level 3-4 (Braden scale) Anti-housemite Yes
Mattress weight 9 kg Multistretch Yes
Dimensions (mm) L: 2000 H: 140 W: 800-880 ISO 10993-10 Yes (cover is bio-compatible)
Expected service life 5 years Oeko-tex certified Yes
Fire test BS EN-597-1, BS EN-597-2
Material CMHR
Oeko-tex certified Yes

Quality and Compliance

MDR (CE-certification), this product complies with MDR (Medical device Regulation (EU) 2017/45)