RotoBed® Free

Unique pivot bed: RotoBed® Free is an innovative care bed with a lot of welfare technological functions. The harmonious design is award-winning and emphasizes the high quality of this unique bed.

With the RotoBed® Free pivot bed, people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed, are now able to do so with no physical effort. Just by a single touch of the remote control the bed is elevated to chair position and rotated perpendicular towards the room, thus facilitating both exit and transition to a wheelchair or stand-aid.

Besides the rotating function also height, back part and the leg part are adjusted with the remote control. The rotating mechanism is both quiet and comfortable for the user.

Several welfare technology surveys have shown that a RotoBed® enhances the user’s level of mobility and quality of life, reduces workloads for staff and saves time / money.

Product Features

Intelligent Height Adjustment

Intelligent Height Adjustment

The possibility of an extra low bed height of 32 cm above the floor prevents falls. Depending on the users height and leg length, the bed’s exit position can be programmed individually. With a maximum bed height of 82 cm, caregivers and relatives can perform care in a good working position.
Unique Rotating Function

Unique Rotating Function

By just a single touch of the remote control the bed is elevated to a chair position and can be programmed to exit oblique or perpendicularly towards the room. The rotating mechanism is both quiet and comfortable for the user. This can be programed to exit either left or right.
Built-in Mattress System

Built-in Mattress System

The built-in RotoBed® SafeSleep mattress is a four-layer quality mattress that has been custom made for RotoBed®. Combining comfort and optimal pressure distribution, SafeSleep offers prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in stages 1-3 with the option to have the ROHO® Dry Flotation Mattress which offers treatment of pressure ulcers in all four stages.
Wide range of accessories

Wide range of accessories

The RotoBed® comes with a wide range of accessories including backup battery, bed rail covers, under bed lights and many more.

Technical Info

 Measurements/Weights Weight indication Requirements and standards
Height range: 32-82 cm Head board: 39 kg RotoBed®Free is CE approved and meets the latest European standards and requirements for care beds.
Mattress width: 85 / 100 cm Foot board: 46 kg International standard IEC 60601-2-52.
Mattress length: 205 / 215 / 225 cm Frame: 80 kg The beds withstand wash, approved according to standard IPX6W.
Wood: Oak veneer Total weight: 165 kg  High quality motors and control box from LINAK.
Userweight: max 190 kg
Rated load: 225 kg