Levo LCM2

For those who need a light-weight motorized wheelchair and still wish to enjoy the best standing system, Euromedical now offers the low cost LCM2.

Thanks to its small dimensions, LEVO LCM2 is the perfect companion for indoors, and is also suited to outdoor travel. The large rear wheels and the combination of castors and omnidirectional wheels provide stability and maneuverability in both the seated and standing positions.

The proven standing system allows you to go from seating to standing, or any position in-between with a movement of the joystick.

Technical Info

S – L Frame
Item number LEV-LCM2#XXX
Seat width (mm) 350 / 380 / 400 / 420 / 450 / 480 / 500
Total width (mm) Seat width + 200
Total length (mm) 1100
Total height min. (mm) 810
Seat height (mm) 530 / 545 / 560
Seat depth (mm) 290-540 in 20mm increments
Backrest height (mm) 310-410
Footrest Height and angle adjustable
Armrest height (mm) 170-260
Turning circle (mm) 1830
Speed (km/h) 0-10
Range (km) 30
Max. safe slope 9 degrees
Curb climbing ability (mm) 75
Batteries 2 x 12 Volt 50 Ah
Total mass (minimum) 100
Maximum user weight 125
Transport volume Variable WxLx700