R82 Cougar

The Cougar is a wheelchair for children and youngster which supports a correct posture and comfortable seating position.

It is a practical wheelchair suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in 4 sizes and the many adjustable features follows the growth of your child.

The Cougar features effortless tilting of the seat angle while still maintaining optimum balance. The wheelchair remains stable even with the back reclined and while tilted.

The Cougar complies with ISO 7176-19, transporting users in motor vehicles at a max user weight of 120 kg.”

Product Features



The tilt-in-space function slides the position of the seat forward to ensure the stability of the wheelchair. The movement is supported by a gas spring to make it comfortable for the user and to minimize the effort of caregivers.
Back recline

Back recline

The angle between the back and seat can be adjusted using the back recline. The pivot point of the back recline is positioned close to the pivot point of the hip joint in order to minimize the movement of the body relative to the wheelchair during the back recline movement.
Different back options

Different back options

Cougar can be fitted with a wooden board back or the strap back illustrated. Both backs are prepared for velcro fit cushion systems.
Height adjustable

Height adjustable

The seat to floor height is adjustable. Adjust the height on the back of the chair and the angle of the front wheels will remain in the correct position.

Technical Info

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
R82 item number 9711xxxxxxxx 9721xxxxxxxx 9731xxxxxxxx 9741xxxxxxxx
Backrest angle (°) 35 35 35 35
Backrest height (mm) 450 500 600 600
Effective seat depth (mm) 370-470 370-470 430-530 490-590
Effective seat width (mm) 350 400 450 500
Folded height to the top of the back (mm) 660 660 660 660
Folded length without leg rests (mm) 780 780 830 830
Footrest to seat distance, angle leg rests (mm) 280-460 280-460 280-460 280-460
Footrest to seat distance, fixed leg rests (mm) 240-420 240-420 240-420 240-420
Leg to seat surface angle (°) 90 90 90 90
Length (mm) 780 780 830 830
Mass device (kg) 25 26 27 28
Maximum rated load (kg) 102 103 129 150
Maximum user mass (kg) 75 75 100 120
Maximum user mass in transportation (kg) 75 75 75 75
Minimum turning radius (mm) 880 940 970 1000
Overall height to backrest (mm) 960 990 1080 1100
Overall width 22″ wheels & drumbrake (mm) 570 620 670 720
Seat plane angle (°) 37(45) 37(45) 37(45) 37(45)
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 460-530 460-530 460-530 460-530