R82 Gazelle PS

The Gazelle PS is a standing frame that supports a prone, upright, or supine standing position.

The standing frame offers up to 30 degrees of hip abduction in each leg. Research suggest that regular standing with hip extension and abduction might have a positive impact hip development by preventing hip migration in children with cerebral palsy.

The Gazelle PS is available in three sizes and suitable for children from approximately 70 cm (27 1/2“) to 165 cm (65“). The max. user mass is 80 kg.

Product Features

Tilt vertical-horizontal

Tilt vertical-horizontal

The Gazelle PS tilts from vertical to 15° past horizontal. This is an excellent position for respiratory therapy and postural drainage.


From the upright position the Gazelle PS is easily folded. By loosening only one screw, abducting the legs and by lifting it slightly, the Gazelle PS is folded for storage or transportation.
Manual leg abduction

Manual leg abduction

Moves in an anatomically correct motion to help seat the head of the femur into the acetabulum. You can adjust either one or both legs to the optimal angle.
Multi-adjustable foot supports

Multi-adjustable foot supports

Ball joints in foot plates allow for positioning and support for almost any ankle/foot placement.

Technical Info

Size 1 Size 2  Size 3
R82 item number 88010-1 88010-2 88010-3
Angle board (°) 90-(-15) 90-(-15) 90-(-15)
Length (mm) 760 880 990
Mass device (kg) 20 22 24
Maximum rated load (kg) 62 85 106
Maximum user mass (kg) 40 60 80
Overall height, horizontal (mm) 760 800 900
Overall width (mm) 480 580 650
User height: floor to axil (mm) 450-950 600-1050 700-1250