Ropox Shower/Changing Bed

Height adjustable shower/changing bed for disabled and people with reduced functional ability

The height-adjustable shower/changing bed makes showering and changing safe and comfortable for disabled and people with mobility disabilities.

The soft and flexible slats provide the user with optimum comfort, and the electrical height adjustment and the ergonomic design ensure the best possible working environment for the carer. The user-friendliness, the design and the welfare technology result in security and satisfaction for both user and helper.

The shower/changing bench is available in two versions: As a foldable nursing bench, which can be adjusted 70 cm in height, and as a movable bench, which can be adjusted 40 cm in height. It is quick and simple to adjust the height of the bed to the optimum position so, for example, wheelchair users easily can be moved onto the shower/changing bed.

The shower/changing bed has a smooth and easy-clean design. Furthermore, the wall-mounted model can be folded to an upright position when not in use to save on space in the bathroom.

Technical Info

Item number ROP-40-25023 ROP-40-25026 ROP-40-25029 ROP-40-25073 ROP-40-25076 ROP-40-25079
Back Support Yes Yes Yes
Total length (mm) 1460 1780 2100 1460 1780 2100
Total width, while down (mm) 942 942 942 942 942 942
Total width, folded (mm) 388 388 388 388 388 388
Total unit depth, electronics (mm) 75 75 75 75 75 75
Total unit height (mm) 1160 1160 1160 1160 1160 1160
Height adjustment (mm) 300-1000 300-1000 300-1000 300-1000 300-1000 300-1000
Lying area, length (mm) 1280 1600 1920 1280 1600 1920
Lying area, width (mm) 760 760 760 760 760 760
Max user weight 220kg 220kg 220kg 220kg 220kg 220kg
*Comes with detachable and reversible slats and a flexible plumbing kit

Polyurethane slats. Vacuum formed plastic. Aluminum. Coated steel. Stainless steel.