Vendlet Manulet Easy Tube

This slide sheet is an easy-to-use mobility aid that provides an extra hand if you have issues turning over in bed or getting your legs into bed when sitting on the bedside.

A frictionless inner lining and a quilted cotton jersey on the outside ensures that the fabric moves smoothly when you need it while also being comfortable to lie on.

The slide sheet is foldable and lightweight making it easy to carry and bring along on trips or when sleeping out, and the homey design makes it blend in with the rest of your interior.

Product Features

Easily Turn Over in Bed

Easily Turn Over in Bed

Shaped like a tube, this slide sheet moves with you and reduces friction between you and your sheet when you want to turn onto your side or back in bed. Simply initiate the movement and the slide sheet will help you do the rest.
Slide Your Legs into bed

Slide Your Legs into bed

If you have trouble transferring your legs into bed, this slide sheet is here for you. Simply place the slide sheet diagonally on the bedside before sitting down. When sitting on the slide sheet and turning into bed, the slide sheet will ease the movement by reducing the friction between your legs and your sheet.
Move Higher Up in Bed

Move Higher Up in Bed

You might experience sliding down in bed during the night e.g. if you sleep with a slightly elevated backrest. In this case, this slide sheet is an easy-to-use solution. Simply place the slide sheet lengthwise under you and push yourself higher up in bed as needed by pushing against with your feet.

Technical Info

Manulet Easy Tube
Item number VEN-5000101
Length (mm) 1100
Width (mm) 700
Fabric Cotton (outer), nylon (inner)
Upholstery Fiber filling
Max load 300kg