Vendlet Manulet Turn Table

With this lightweight swivel cushion, it becomes easy to turn around when sitting on a chair or in a car seat, thereby minimizing the unnecessary strain of back and arms.

This swivel cushion consists of two discs made from a frictionless inner lining and a soft cotton jersey outer, making the swivel cushion comfortable to sit on.

The discs are fastened by a small Velcro covered plate in the middle, which makes it possible to separate the discs from each other and wash them in the washing machine. The homey design makes it blend in with the rest of your interior.

The Swivel Cushion Can Be Used

  • To turn around on a chair
  • To assist with transferring heavy legs into bed
  • To easily turn around on the car seat when entering or exiting the car


Technical Info

Manulet Turn Table 45 Manulet Turn Table 60
Item number VEN-5000104 VEN-5000105
Diameter (mm) 450 600
Fabric Cotton (outer), nylon (inner) Cotton (outer), nylon (inner)
Upholstery Neoprene Neoprene
Max load 200kg 200kg