Vendlet Manulet Multi Grip

This bed rope ladder is designed to assist those with limited mobility or weakness to sit up or lie down in bed. Simply grab on to the handles and incrementally climb your way up to the seated position.

This bed ladder is a mobility aid specially designed with soft foam handles with inner plastic rods, that makes them comfortable to grab on to while providing stability when in use.

Attach the bed ladder to the foot end of the bed and place it within reach of the user. The bed ladder allows you to incrementally rise to a seated position – simply grab on to the handles and climb your way up. Similarly, use the bed ladder to climb down again when needing to get into bed.

Technical Info

Manulet Multi Grip
Item number VEN-5000107
Length (mm) 1700
Strap Polyester
Handle Polypropylene tube covered with PE-Foam
Max load 400kg