Vendlet Basic

Easily move and handle clients in bed with this assisted living aid designed to turn and reposition clients in bed without straining caregivers.

VENDLET Basic is a powered patient turning aid for moving and handling patients and clients in bed. With a few less automated functions, VENDLET Basic is a less advanced and cheaper version of the models V5S and Bari.

Improve Work Health & Safety
Using this powered patient turning aid relieves strain on caregivers’ necks, backs, arms, and shoulders, preventing muscular-skeletal disorders and work injuries.

Product Features

Improved Work Health and Safety

Improved Work Health and Safety

Turning a patient is often a two-person job, but with this transfer aid, one person can do the job on their own without compromising the quality of care.
Integrated side rails

Integrated side rails

The system works as a tested and approved side rail when both sides ar1e left up. Whether to leave the bed rail up or down is up to a clinical evaluation of the client’s needs.
Space saving

Space saving

Owing to the simplicity of the Vendlet system, the side supports can be manually adjusted up and down vertically rather than outwards. This means the carer is able to get closer to the client along with the device only taking up an additional 75mm on each side of the bed.
Gentle & Calm Care

Gentle & Calm Care

Vendlet Basic presents a comfortable alternative for clients or patients that need help turning in bed, transferring into bed, and more. With no pushing or pulling, patient transfer becomes a calm experience, even for clients that are known for being anxious or easily agitated.

Technical Info

Vendlet V5S
Item number VEN-6200000
Weight in total 30kg
Length (mm) 2000-2200 (telescopic sides)
Width (mm) 75 on each side of the bed
Material Aluminium
Safe working load 150kg
Noise level (max. load) 65 db(A)
Expected service life 10 Years