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Vendlet Basic

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Product Description

Moving and handling clients has never been this easy! By the press of a button, caregivers can turn clients without straining themselves through heavy lifting, while also providing a more gentle and calm care. With only a few less automated functions, the new VENDLET Basic provides many of the same benefits as the popular and more advanced VENDLET V5S but at a Basic price!

Reposition with Ease

With VENDLET Basic, it is possible to turn a client from side to side by the press of a button. We have simplified the hand control to only include four buttons for added ease of use. The simplicity means that moving and handling even the most challenging clients becomes as easy as ABC.

Prevent Pressure Ulcers

With VENDLET Basic, it is possible to move and handle clients gently, without grabbing them, thereby securing their skin integrity and preventing those painful pressure ulcers. This can significantly improve their quality of life.

Improve Work Health and Safety

VENDLET Basic improves the work health and safety of healthcare staff across the board. Fewer manual movements relieve the everyday strain on caregivers backs, necks, shoulders, arms, and wrists.

Max Patient Weight: 150 kg
Fits bed length: 200 / 220 cm

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