Vendlet V5S

This powered turning system is a fully automatic transfer aid that is used to turn and reposition clients in bed.

The assistive device makes it possible to perform a gentle and smooth repositioning of the patient, which requires a minimum of strain and effort of healthcare staff.

Independent Living
For clients with some mobility, the turning system can be used in combination with other mobility aids such as bed ladders, to improve the health and safety of healthcare staff. The system can also be used by the client, typically in cases where the client retains function in some limbs and is cognitively capable of understanding how to use the system. Among other things, the client can use the system to reposition themselves during the night.

Product Features

Improved Work Health and Safety

Improved Work Health and Safety

Turning a patient is often a two-person job, but with this transfer aid, one person can do the job on their own without compromising the quality of care.
Built-in Side Rails

Built-in Side Rails

When the bars are left up, the VENDLET patient turning aid functions as a built-in bed rail, which has been tested and approved by an independent test institute (TÜV).
Space saving

Space saving

Owing to the simplicity of the Vendlet system, the side supports can be vertically adjusted up and down rather than outwards. This means the carer is able to get closer to the client along with the device only taking up an additional 75mm on each side of the bed.
Gentle and Calm

Gentle and Calm

The Vendlet system offers Speed Adjustment for an even calmer and slower transfer, while the fitted slide sheet allows for fewer pressure ulcers, less friction and shearing. The sheets are also able to be changed while the client is in the bed.

Technical Info

Vendlet V5S Vendlet V5S Speed Adjust
Item number VEN-6100000 VEN-6100050
Weight in total 58kg 58kg
Length (mm) 2000 2000
Width (mm) 75 on each side of the bed 75 on each side of the bed
Material Steel Steel
Safe working load 200kg 200kg
Noise level (max. load) 65 db(A) 65 db(A)
Expected service life 10 Years 10 Years